Vision & Mission


In Azad State of Jammu and Kashmir about 88% of the total population lives in the rural areas. Local Government and Rural Development Department plans and implemets programmes for socio-economic uplift and development of rural infrastructure. Local Government & Rural Development Department mainly focuses on provision of potable drinking water, improvement of sanitation, health and hygiene conditions, construction of rural infrastructure such as rural roads, footpaths, jeep-able/ foot bridges and buildings, identification, planning and utilization of local resources, awareness raising and behaviour changing campaigns, organization of communities and local councils etc. Presently a number of projects are underway with the assistance of Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Government of Pakistan and international agencies/donors e.g. IDA, UNICEF, Asian Development Bank and FAO etc. For the effective implementation of rural infrastructure, Local Government and Rural Development Department has adopted participatory approach. The beneficiary communities are involved in identification, planning, implementation and most significantly in O&M of the completed scheme. Social Development is part of all infrastructure development activities which aims at integrating these needs to improve the socio-economic condition and O&M for sustainability of developed infrastructure schemes.



To enable communities to organize into Dehi/Urban Councils & facilitate the formation & execution of integrated development plans, utilizing local & other resources to achieve prosperity / well-being (khushali).