Functions of LG&RDD

Local Govt. and Rural Development is responsible to provide basic facilities in rural, peri-urban and urban areas through organizing the communities into dehi/urban councils, community organizations, water/sanitation committees etc. LG&RDD also plays vital role in identication, utilization, conservation of natural/local resources.

Following are the major functions of LG&RDD.
  1. Social Mobilization & Community Organization.
  2. Elections, Election petitions/Writ Petitions, Civil suits in regard to local councils through Law Department and Administration of Local Bodies.
  3. Rural Infrastructure Development under the guidelines of “Manual of Instruction for Rural Development.
  4. Provision of Basic/ Municipal Services such as Engineering, Fire Brigade, Building Control, Encroachment Prevention, Sanitation, Solid Waste Management, Street Lightening, Slaughter Houses Management, Primary Education, Municipal Health Facilities, Food Quality Assurance, Graveyards Construction and Management and schemes for welfare of women folk etc.
  5. Enforcement of Cattle Trespass Act.
  6. Arrangements for Jumma (Friday) Market, Seminars, Conventions and Publications.
  7. Local Resource Identification and Utilization such as Registration, Taxation, Mining, Parking etc.
  8. Capacity Building (Trainings, Awareness Raising)
  9. Birth & Death Registration.
  10. Co-ordination with Civil Defense Authorities, where necessary.
  11. Framing approval of rules, regulations and bye-laws under the Local Government Act.