Clean Drinking Water for All Project

In February 2001, the Ministry of Environment presented National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP) to Environmental Protection Council, chaired by the Chief Executive of the Pakistan in which one of the core area of NEAP was identified as Clean Drinking Water. The World Summit on Sustainable Development was held in Johannesburg in 2002, which set its plan of action in line with the Millennium Development Goals:

To provide access to safe drinking water for maximum population by the year 2015”

Clean Drinking Water Program was initiated by the Ministry of Environment (Pak EPA) in 2004. The Project was transferred from the Ministry of Environment to the Ministry of Industries, Production & Special Initiatives (IP & SI) on 12 October 2006, and again it was transferred from Ministry of Industries and Production to Ministry of Special Initiatives (MoSI) on 22 November 2008., when MoSI was established as an independent ministry apart from some other important federal funded projects.

CDWA is the most promising intervention for the communities who are generally prone to water borne diseases and cannot afford buying expensive bottled water.On the directive of the Honorable President and the Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Ministry of Environment, Government of Pakistan, prepared an umbrella project named “Clean Drinking Water or All” for installation of about 6,626 water filtration plants of 500 / 1000 gallons/ hour capacities,  one in each union council of the country.

This project has been approved by the ECNEC and also included AJK in the scope, whereby almost 80% of drinking water sources were found bacteriologically contaminated. Hence provision of safe and clean drinking water to AJK communities is very much essential. Salient features of this project are:

Total Duration 03 years 9 Month (2009-2013)
Actual Commencement date January 2011
Total Cost 787. 534 million
GoP share 620.678 million
GoAJK share 166.856 million
Targets 232 Water Filtration Plants (182 in rural area and 50 in urban localities)
Contractor AA Flowmatic Engineering Pvt. Ltd.