GoAJ&K is Organizing Communities for COVID-19 Emergency Response


Local Government & Rural Development has launched a special initiative to organize communities at village/ward level to combat COVID-19 emergency. Volunteer Emergency Response Management & Coordination Committees (V-ERMCC) shall be organized in each village and ward level. The committees shall comprise of a Chairman, Two teachers (Male + Female), Health Worker, Imam Masjid (Religious Leader), and six volunteers (03 male + 03 female).

These committees shall be responsible for:
1) Awareness raising
2) Coordination with line agencies for identification of potential Corona patients
3) Identification of buildings for establishment of quarantine centers
4) Sending patients to quarantine centers
5) Ensure adoption of special safety measure for burial deceased
6) Identification of marginalized people for assistance during COVID-19 emergency.
7) Any other activity as per government instructions